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FSB interested in the dysfunction of the imported machines on the defense industry of the Urals

FSB Sverdlovsk region concerned “unknown failure” that emerged in the work of foreign equipment in defense enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region, Tass reported in the

24 March 2015

Represented by the mobile platform Android 5.1

Google introduced the release of the mobile platform Android 5.1, the focus of which was paid to honing features introduced in Android 5.0, as well as performance optimization and troubleshooting. At the same time announced the publication of the source code Android 5.1 platform in a public repository AOSP.

10 March 2015

Published source platform Android 5.0

Google has announced the publication of the source platform Android 5.0 “Lollipop” in a public repository AOSP. At the opening of the inner branches are synchronized Android, developed in the bowels of Google, c public repository, which are formed on the basis of independent assembly platform.

5 November 2014

Russia will supply software in China

Moscow and Beijing have agreed to expand the supply of Chinese servers and storage systems in Russia and Russian software in China, the head of the Ministry of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov Nikiforov in Beijing held a working meeting with the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao

18 August 2014

Russia creates protected from spyware mobile operating system “RCISCU”

Russia has established a mobile operating system “RCISCU” which makes it impossible to leak, install spyware and wiretapping, said in an interview with RIA Novosti, Deputy Director General for Development of the Central Research Institute of Economics and Management Systems Informatics (CRI EISU)

3 July 2014

Revolutionary approach to computers, but to programirovat neural network needs scientist neurologist (with appropriate training)

Interesting point: without creating quality compilers for these systems to be able to lower the amount of knowledge needed to start working with them, this development may simply “not fly.” Because it just will not programmers, can give us something to puzzle these systems.

29 April 2014

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30 January 2014

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